What is Full-Service Design?

Sunroom Design Lindsey Putzier Design Studio Hudson, OH

Full-Service Design is what everyone used to think of when they thought of your “traditional interior design.” Lindsey Putzier Design Studio handles everything for you. We:

  • Source all the materials for you.
  • Make all the design concepts for you.
  • Present everything to you in one design concept presentation.
  • Procure everything from multiple vendors.
  • Monitor shipping and receiving statuses.
  • File any claims or any returns if anything comes damaged or not to our standards.
  • Arrange for White Glove delivery.
  • Oversee installation. 

Full-Service Design is end-to-end design. It is meant for complete (or almost complete) rooms of furniture and décor.

Foyer Design Lindsey Putzier Design Studio Hudson, OH

Who is Full-Service Design for?

Full-Service Design is meant for people who:

  • Have busy lives and do not have time to be part of the design process.
  • Desire a beautiful home but don’t enjoy the design process themselves.
  • Do not want to manage multiple furniture deliveries over multiple weeks.
  • Want comprehensive, complete design.
Staircase Design Lindsey Putzier Design Studio Hudson, OH

Full-Service versus Designer on Demand

Full service design requires a lot more oversight and input from Lindsey and her team. We do all of the ordering, managing, and procurement/installation oversight. 

Designer on Demand consists of hourly blocks of time during which our clients direct us to complete design tasks. It’s for clients who want to be a lot more involved in the design process. It’s also for clients who just need finishing touches, such as window treatments, one chair, a rug, etc, in their room, as opposed to a whole new room of furniture. We also do a lot of Designer on Demand projects for kitchen and bathroom design.

Breakfast table Design Lindsey Putzier Design Studio Hudson, OH
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