Five Design Tips for Cat Owners

Kitties are awesome companions, and us cat lovers will do almost anything for our furry friends. However, they can wreak havoc on our stuff! Here are five tips to keep your house beautiful and cat-friendly!

cat friendly decorating Lindsey Putzier Design Studio hudson ohio
World, meet Nugget!
  1. For upholstery, choose velvet, twill, or other really tightly woven fabric.
Velvet chairs can stand up to cat claws  Lindsey Putzier Design Studio
Velvet can stand up to cat claws.

Cats can scratch the heck out of most leather, and their claws will get stuck in anything that’s got a larger weave or has lumps (like tweed).

Small Weave ottoman for cat friendly decor  Lindsey Putzier Design Studio
Looser-weave fabric is not ideal for cats.

2. Your best bet for rugs is a cut pile rug.

Cut Pile Rug with lounging cat Lindsey Putzier Design Studio
Cut-pile rugs won’t snag.

Avoid anything with loops because cats’ claws will snag and rip out the loops. Also avoid natural rugs like jute, abaca, etc. They’ll rip those apart. Think about it – their scratching posts are often made of similar material!

Client's Cat Lindsey Putzier Design Studio Ohio
This beauty destroyed her owner’s looped rugs!

3. Make sure your drapes are cat-friendly. If your cat is prone to using soft material as an alternative litterbox, make sure your drapes don’t pool on the floor (this one’s from personal experience…).

Cat Friendly Drapes Lindsey Putzier Design Studio Hudson OH
Make sure your drapes don’t puddle on the floor.

If the cats want to climb the drapes, again go with a tight weave and hope for the best.

Drapery with tight weave fabric Lindsey Putzier Design Studio
Tight weave fabrics won’t unravel as quickly.

4. Choose cat-friendly pillows. Beads and fringe are toys in your kitty’s eyes! Embroidery can also get stuck in kitty claws, so choose a printed fabric instead.

Printed Fabric Pillows for cat friendly decor Lindsey Putzier Design Studio
Ball fringe and embroidery can be no-no’s for cats.

Instead, pick a pillow with a contrast welt cord or a fun print (or both!).

cat friendly pillows Lindsey Putzier Design Studio Hudson Ohio
Cat-friendly pillows

Accent pillows should also have removable inserts and be washable, just in case of accidents.

Designer's cat Lindsey Putzier Design Studio
This is Shadow, my chubby buddy!

5. If kitty loves to scratch the hardwood table legs, a stone or metal table base is a great alternative.

Dining Table with Metal Base cat friendly decor Lindsey Putzier Design Studio
A metal base is mighty tough to claw.

As a lifelong cat owner and an interior designer, I promise you don’t have to live in a destroyed house. There are many options out there that are much more cat-friendly than others. Contact me if you’re ready to upgrade!

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