Design Consultation

What it is:

Our two-hour on-site consultation is where we’ll ask questions, listen to your needs, and start getting to know one another.

In our working session, we’ll provide plenty of answers, advice, and affirmations. We’ll be able to help pinpoint where in your space we can make the most significant impact, as well as identify what parts of your space are perfect just the way they are.

We’ll come ready to work with graph paper on hand for quick sketches as we begin to visualize your design project. During the consultation, you’ll be presented with both relevant recommendations, and, of course, a few fun concepts for adding a little color!

Who it’s for:

Great design is for everyone! All roads start here.

Our consultations are designed to identify what design service best suits your design goals and your design project. Whether it’s our Full-Service Design, Kitchen & Bath Renovations, or our Design Refresh packages, we will help you find the design service that best suits your needs!

Ready to start designing? Let’s get started.

What's the investment:

For design projects within a 20-mile radius of Hudson, OH, the initial consultation is $375. Additional charges apply for projects outside of our main service area. Should your home or project lie outside of these areas please contact us for more details.

Our initial design consultation includes up to two hours of professional design services. Included is a follow up email with a list of all the consultation highlights. Should we select paint colors during this consultation, our team will send large-scale paint swatches right to your door. We’ll also email you any sketches or furniture layouts made during our design consultation.


Design Services

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