Before & After: Medina Family Room Makeover

This Medina family room was suffering from two ailments: Past Owner Symdrome and Cheap Furniture Syndrome.

First up, let’s look at what the past owners did that did NOT work for my clients. LEt’s start with this delightful nook.

Img 4634

The walls had eyes. And quite the brown accent paint color. It was obvious given the nook’s construction that there was one of those old-school TV cabinets stuck into it before. However, with the advent of the flat screen, those cabinets have really gone by the wayside. This left an awkward nook with SO MANY SCONCES!

We got rid of the two lower the scones, repainted the walls, added some great base cabinets for storage, and reduced the overall height of the nook by adding some molding to the top. The result is much for 21st century-friendly.

Dsc 9593 1

Next, let’s discuss the ceiling. It was…fancy. It had patches of brown and patches of tan and the piece de resistance: squares of gold faux painted brown. There was a lot going on. Way too much for my transitional clients’ liking.

Img 4655

We dialed down the brown completely and instead painted the squares navy. To add continuity to the space, we also painted the fireplace wall navy.

Dsc 9607

Why navy, you ask? Because the adjacent dining room is also navy. Remeber this room from a previous post? The mantel painting also makes more sense now, doesn’t it?

Dsc 9429 Edit Copy Adjusted Color 1

Anyhow, back to the family room. The second ailment was Cheap Furniture Syndrome.

From this angle, this room doesn’t look too bad as-is.

Img 1882

However, looks can be deceiving. The furniture was falling apart. The sofa cushions were starting to thin badly, especially the back cushions. The ottoman’s buttons had all fallen off, and the pleather was cracking. The tiny side tables had no storage and were just meh, style-wise.

And so we brought in a new, much better quality sectional with a beautifully sutble pattern, a quality leather ottoman, and two side tables that were both bigger and provided a touch of storage.

Dsc 9602 1

See the fabric pattern and the sumptuous leather?

I have a tip for you. When you’re selecting leather, scratch the swatch with your fingernails. Scratch HARD. If it leaves a visible scratch line, expect the leather to easily be scuffed up in your house. If you can scratch and scratch with no line, then the leather will stay looking pristine much longer.

In addition to the furniture, we also brought in all new accessories to the space.

Did you know Lindsey offers accessorizing services? It’s charged by the hour and is an easy way to spruce up a nearly completed room!

Dsc 9700 1

Here’s one last before and after!

Feeling overwhelmed with your living room? Contact us – we can help!

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