Design Myth: “I have kids. I can’t have nice things.”

Let’s get real about having nice stuff with kids in the house. It’s hard. The younger the kids, the harder it is to have nice things. I’m not going to lie – there will likely be a couple of years where you can’t put ANYTHING on your coffee table. Call it your minimalist period and move on. (With small kids in the house, you likely won’t have time to think about it, anyhow.) Don’t despair! There are ways to work around the toddler tornados. Here’s a sample mood board filled with durable, washable, kid-friendly pieces.

Kid Friendly Family/Living Room Space Mood board Lindsey Putzier Design Studio

With kids, your style will shift and evolve. You may need to rearrange and reprioritize, and that’s where I can help. Do you have bright white carpet in your family room? We can put a durable rug over it. Colorful rugs hide dirt. Do your kids enjoy self-expression in the form of Cheetos dust? We’ll use washable slipcovers and indestructible leather. Are you worried about ruining nice wood furniture? Go for an already-distressed look for your most-used pieces, like the coffee table. As a mom myself, I know what works with small kids in the home. We have up to eight small kids in the house most weekends, so my own home’s designs have stood the test of more than just my one child. Contact me today for a free in-home “get your house back” consultation. We’ll work together to combine kids and cool stuff in a way that’ll work for your household. And you’ll get your very own mood board with suggestions tailored just for you!


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