Designer on Demand

What it is:

A package of customizable design hours with endless possibilities!

After our initial consultation, we’ll decide together how many hours would help to accomplish your design goals.

Here are examples of what we can achieve with dedicated hours and lots of creativity:

  • Selections for your kitchen or bathroom — flooring, tile, countertops, cabinetry, and all the pretty little details like lighting and cabinet hardware.
  • Space planning and furniture layouts for when you’re making a change in residence or if you want to see if your furniture will jive with the new space.
  • Color expertise for clients who want to brighten up their palette or want to add a touch of color and need that boost of confidence from our experience working with color.
  • Styling strategies for updating a room, fireplace, bookshelves, or holiday tablescape.
  • Working with an expert to select the new window treatments that will work best for your home.
  • Selecting new light fixtures to help you see your home in a brand new light.
  • Answering those frustrating design questions:
    • “Why does this sunroom feel so depressing?”
    • “How do I make sense of this awkward foyer?”
    • “Can I modernize my space without breaking my budget?”
    • “I only have a small space…how do I make it look bigger?”


These examples are only BEGINNING to scratch the surface of what we can do together! If you can dream it—together we can create it! Combining our team’s experience and expertise in the field of luxury interiors, we can discover and reimagine your space beyond your wildest dreams.

Read this real-life 10-Hour Designer on Demand example!

Who it’s for:

Design enthusiasts who have the time and energy to make it happen—but want a professional to weigh in on the big design choices before they invest.

Designer On Demand packages are for any client who is driven to solve specific design challenges, questions, or projects that don’t require a design team to complete for them – but could use a designer’s expert brain to provide a solution for the client to implement themselves.

Ready to kickstart the project that’s been on your list for…well… forever? We are!


What's the investment:

Designer on Demand service packages are available in 10-hour increments. We recommend 10 hours for smaller décor projects or assistance with smaller, partial kitchen and bathroom selections.

Larger furniture and décor projects generally fall in the range of 20 to 40 hours, depending on how many rooms are in scope.

It generally takes around 20 hours for full bathroom designs and 30 to 40 hours for full kitchen designs. Of course, your project could be different, so we’ll discuss your needs and outline your scope of work during our initial consultation!

10 Hours: $1900

20 Hours: $3500

30 Hours: $4900


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